Miami Dolphins Fans of Toronto (also known as Dolfans Toronto) was originally formed in December 2014.  I was traveling a lot for work, mostly to New York and Boston and a lot of my travel included flying into cities on Sundays to prepare for meetings and presentations on Monday mornings.  I wanted to catch all the Dolphins games while I was on the road and didn't want to chance popping into a bar in hopes that the bar would show the Miami Dolphins game.  When you are in a competing market that is as big as New York and Boston, it makes it even harder to get the Dolphins game.  I searched all over the web through meetup groups, facebook and anything I could think of and it brought me to the respective fan clubs in each city.  My searches led me to Dolfans NYC and the Miami Dolfans of Boston, so I was finally be able to watch the games with Dolphins fans in bars dedicated to the Miami Dolphins! It's good to every TV with the game on as well as having sound too.  The atmosphere and camaraderie was amazing so I wanted to replicate that by creating a group in Toronto to bring Miami Dolphins fans together to catch all their games.

  I attended the Metlife Takeover in NYC in 2014 hosted by Dolfans NYC which took a tremendous amount of coordination as there were 1200+ Dolfans going to the game.  I have to say that is an amazing job by Nate "Igor" Smith and Michelle Kramer!  Kudos to them for organizing something this big.  For sure I will be attending all future Metlife Takeovers!!  That incredible experience has driven me to try and achieve something like that at Ralph Wilson stadium although that is some ridiculous number that I am not going to be aiming for.  Every Dolphins fans knows how hostile that environment is.  

  You can also find Dolfans Toronto on facebook page (under Miami Dolphins Fans of Toronto) and a twitter account (Dolfans Toronto) and you can access that by clicking on the facebook or twitter icon in the top right hand corner of this site. 

  Let's get this fan club rolling in Toronto (aka the 6)!!



Trieu "Tbomb" Nguyen